The TWIP team is here for a few reasons:  1) To help you find interesting people, like your super interesting self, to travel with.  2) To help you get weird in the world on those adventures you desire most. 3) To get people to the first party on the Moon!…not sure if we can get you back though, space travel is expensive these days.

The fact does remain however; taking a vacay with one of your best friends is pretty cool.  While it’s hard to decide who your best friend is—Is it Piglet or Eeyore or Tigger? Decisions…decisions—we’d like to mention that a best friend trip can be a dangerous task to undertake.  First you’re smiling and braiding each other’s hair, then you’re slowly becoming jealous of Jim’s awesome backpack, and before you can say Timbuktu, you’re ripping out those beautiful braids screaming, “Redrum, Mrs. Torrence!”

We’ve seen it a hundred times.  That’s why we’ve decided to offer some tips for how to make the friend trip a success…

1. Pick a friend that you have spent time with on a number of different occasions.

Reflect on who you have had sleepovers, spent nights drinking, partied, argued, laughed, and cried with over the years. Think about someone you have known for most of your life, inside and out.  The key here is adaptability, know you’re traveling with but most importantly make sure they can handle the different sways of adversity the trip may throw on them.  If they can dig in with the good, the bad and the ugly, most likely, they’re a good person to travel with.

2. Discuss with your travel companion what kind of trip you envision taking.

Do you want to explore other cities, go on a stay-cation, or lay on the beach? If one person is adventurous and wants to go backpacking throughout the trip, while the other is super laid-back and enjoys sitting outside sipping a cup of coffee, here comes a recipe for disaster! Take the time to plan out what you would both like to do so that by the end of the trip, both companions can say the vacation was worthwhile.

3. Come up with a way both travel partners can “ball on a budget.”

Decide on how much money each person can spend on accommodations, food and transportation, along with which activities you would like to allocate money towards. This way, you can still see everything there is to see throughout the excursion without completely emptying out your pockets.

4. Decide when each travel partner would like to spend alone time to explore and do other things.

It is common that when people spend too much time together, resentment builds up, you get sick of each other which will eventually lead to—you guessed it—pulling each others’ hair out. Pick a time or day(s) where each partner would like to venture off to do their own thing. Going off to do your own thing will allow growth in conversation, storytelling, and will make the trip more memorable.

5. Be considerate of one another throughout the trip.

Be aware of each others’ moods, fatigue, neatness, routines and habits. Don’t be that person to hog the bathroom all morning or spend all night on the phone while the other is trying to sleep. Getting on each others’ nerves is the last thing you want to do while trying to relax on vacation; this will cause months of not talking after the trip.

Trust us when we say please follow these five golden rules.  We’ve learned them the hard way.  My sister is still sitting in a Polish jail after beating up her college roommate for the last Skittle in the bag.  We don’t want you to do that, you don’t want to do that, so don’t do it, folks.

Travel on…