In the travel industry, or The Biz as we call it, attention usually goes to the most popular sites and sounds in town. Tourism, for all intents and purposes, has the unseemly power to make a place lose its touch, its charm, its identity.  You know how it goes: the top of the Empire State Building, Ice Skating at 30 Rock, Times Square with the naked cowboy guy, and a slice of Ray’s pizza…We know what you’re thinking, “I shoulda gone to Chicago.”  Well, not really, but it’s still a nice sentiment.  TWIP is trying to break that norm a little.

TWIP has planned a “Tulips and Tricycles” experience to Amsterdam.  Come and ride through the stunning flowering fields!

Biking in Amsterdam during the springtime amid the blooming Tulips is as symbolic of The Netherlands as Bill Murray is to Ghostbusters. Smooth streams of asphalt specific for bikes are always being laid and their use is encouraged. This isn’t the biking you see your local hipsters or neon spandex gang doing.  No.  Biking in Amsterdam is a way of life, a life of simple pleasure.

Tulips are significant in Dutch culture because they were cultivated in Turkey, back when Turkey was once the Ottoman Empire and imported to Holland during the sixteenth century. The famous Dutch botanist Carolus Clusius introduced tulips by sprouting them in his garden (probably for the many beautiful wooden-shoed ladies he was persuading).  People passing by had never seen this type of flora before, so they would steal them from his garden and plant them in their own yards.  Yada-yada-yada…now there are crazy awesome fields of tulips everywhere.

While most trips to Amsterdam and its neighbor cities are sought after for their leniency with the law on certain, cough-cough, issues, this is about more.

TWIP will provide transportation for you from your hotel room to begin a 4-day biking tour through Haarlem, Holland’s countryside situated about 12 miles outside of Amsterdam. You will drive through copious amounts of cobblestone streets lined with the Dutch’s boutiques, restaurants, art galleries and most importantly, tulips!

We’re inviting you to come get a taste of this place.  You should get to Amsterdam, if not with this trip then some other way.  But remember, maybe drop the guidebook bonanza and try to feel it for yourself.  Tulip fields or not, remember why you travel, why you’ll continue to travel and search for something more.  That’s what we’re here for.  Promise.  But for real you should totally ride a bike through tulip fields, just sayin’.