Imagine looking at a globe and spinning it a few times. You close your eyes and point to the first spot your finger touches, Bali. The first thought that comes to mind is, “Is this place really worth visiting?” TWIP’s “Escape to Breathtaking Bali” trip will make your time in Bali worth your while.

TWIP will book you a room in the Anantara Simenyak Resort and Spa, one of the most elegant retreats in Bali, located on prime beachfront with views of the sunset from your balcony. Seminyak is known for its classy restaurants, high-end shopping, luxury villas and is one of the largest beach towns in Bali. TWIP only books the best for our travelers as Seminyak is where the most sophisticated travelers stay to forget about life’s obstacles. Services are provided in the Balinese “way of life” approach where it is believed that people should live a life of luxury and relaxation.

Activities planned by us, during your stay, involve an elephant safari ride through the Taro Forest, along with a talent show performed by the elephants that are showing you the glamour of Bali’s nature. If you would like to see and understand Balinese art, check out Ubud, the heart of Bali where the artistic culture is most prominent. Then, take a glass bottom boat to Turtle Island, snorkel in the clear blue water with sea animals, then dry off to interact with the primates of Monkey Forest. If you are really feeling up to it, you can watch the Kecak Fire Dance while having a group dinner. At the end of an eventful day, make time to meditate or take advantage of the variety of spa treatments the resort has to offer.

After coming home from TWIPPIN’ in Bali, you are guaranteed to miss the picturesque beachfront views, the massage treatments and the excursions. Trips are planned by our experts here to help make your experience in an exotic country an unforgettable and tranquil one. When you get the chance to spin the globe again, let TWIP pick where your next life changing adventure will be!