Twipper of the Week: Erin Bender and her family from Travel with Bender.


Current city: We’ve been in 8 countries in the last month and half so I’m going to say… Split, Croatia.

Age: 33

What makes you interesting: Everything about me is interesting, but I guess what most people find fascinating about me at the moment is that I currently travel the world nomadically with my husband (we started dating in 1997) and 2 children (aged 4 & 5). We have been on the road for more then 2 years, never staying more then a few months in one place. Oh, I also love Vegemite.

Total countries visited: The last time I counted it was 47.

Most magical place on Earth: There is more then one magical place on earth. I usually base this magic on the experiences I had. So in line with that I’d have to say Thailand is pretty magically, but not the most magical. The most magical? It’s a secret!

Best travel advice: Don’t leave home without your toothbrush or your dry shampoo.

What people say when they travel with you: I’m always on the go. I never rest… Unless you book a massage with me, then you might get an hour.

#1 thing you must do when traveling: Eat. Eat the local food, visit the local supermarket and eat.

Next travel destination: After Croatia we plan on making our way via train to Greece, then who know’s? Perhaps Lapland?