bear mountain state park fall

Manhattan, the city that never sleeps, the concrete jungle, the city of opportunity. Commuting back and forth to work for the typical nine to five every day can exhaust anyone. This Fall, be inspired to do something out of your daily routine. Hop on a boat with TWIP and cruise North to Bear Mountain State Park to celebrate Oktoberfest!

Situated on the west bank of the Hudson River in Bear Mountain, NY are the most epic, serene and beautiful views of Mother Nature. You can hike up the rugged mountains or drive on the only two-way street that runs throughout the vicinity. In the summertime, amenities available are camping, biking, boat rentals, fishing in the lake, open grounds for picnics, playgrounds, a swimming pool and nature trails. During the winter, you can do cross-country skiing, ice skating and enjoy a hot cup of hot chocolate by the fireplace. This is an ideal location for anyone who wants to get away from reality and escape to serenity.

Oktoberfest originated on October 12, 1810 when Crown Prince Ludwig married Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Five days after the wedding, a large festival was held in Munich, Germany which involved horse races, drinking at beer pubs, and performances. Specialty beers commonly consumed on Oktoberfest are Lowenbrau, Spaten, and Hofbrauhaus, to name a few.

Instead of traveling to Munich, Bear Mountain State Park celebrates their own version of Oktoberfest. Join TWIP on Sunday, October 19 as they cruise along the Hudson River, consume German food and beer, enjoy live entertainment and the beautiful views the park has to offer. Book your tickets at to confirm your RSVP. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes to go hiking as well!

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