Twippers of the Week:  The sisters from Blonde Brunette Travel, Kay Dougherty (the blonde) and Anne Reilly (the brunette).


Current city: Kay lives in Marco Island, Florida but in her brain she still lives in Boston, MA. Anne lives in Sarver, PA about half of the year and in Marco Island in the winter and whenever else she can sneak away from her husband.

Age: Old enough to know better than to tell you! We’ll give you a clue; we’re both Baby Boomers

What makes you interesting: As far as we know we’re the only sister blogging duo! The fact that we’re sisters but for most of our adult lives lived such different lives gives us different perspectives on our travels. Kay is adamantly single, child free, lived an urban life until a year ago and was a VP of Marketing for several companies. Anne is married (to our mutual dismay), lives in a rural area, raised 4 boys, worked her ass off (she honestly doesn’t have an ass) at home for about 20 years then went back to teaching. Kay never knew what the word budget meant. Anne could take 6 people on a trip, do it at ridiculously low cost and see great places. For the last 12 years we’ve traveled together and blogged for a little over two years. We also think our style of humor in our writing makes us different.

Anne is interesting because she has a prodigious memory for vast amounts of information that she can spit out suddenly. Much of it is useful and some is just plain weird. She can “connect the dots” so well Kay thinks she should have been a detective or a diagnostician. She can walk into any kitchen anywhere and make a delicious dinner for 6 people without any recipes. Anne always knows the right way to turn – it is without fail the exact opposite of what she swears it should be. She refuses to accept that so still makes a lot of wrong turns.

Kay is interesting because of her sense of humor which people think is great or can’t stand. She’s fairly good at reinventing herself. She got an MBA at 40 and switched her career and after getting laid off at the height of the recession reinvented herself as a travel blogger. Next she plans to reinvent herself as George Clooney’s fiancee. Her talents include mishaps involving knives, unknowingly stealing her sister’s possessions on trips and sleeping in any circumstances and for extraordinarily long periods of time. Her main characteristic is being oblivious.

Total countries visited: 37 for Anne and 40 for Kay. 6 continents for each! (Only Antractica is missing)

Most magical place on Earth: For Anne it’s Underwater snorkeling in healthy coral reefs. For Kay it’s Cappadocia, Turkey because it’s truly unique.

Best travel advice: Always have a Plan B. That means doing the research in advance to be sure your Plan B would be doable. Also keep your sense of humor.

What people say when they travel with you: “I can’t believe you’re sisters!” and “Your sisters, aren’t you? You look so much alike!”

#1 thing you must do when traveling: Swimming for Anne (or she’s insufferable). Drink good wine for Kay (and usually buy an extra suitcase because of too much shopping)

Next travel destination: Kay leaves for Peru on September 3 but Anne can’t go because of the effect that altitude has on her asthma. Our next joint trip is in mid-October to Budapest, Prague then Athens for the TBEX travel bloggers’ conference.