You may be an independent and savvy traveler, but going at it alone does not compare to the excitement of travel companionship. It is easier, more fun, and safe to have a partner in crime when on the road (or in the air!).

Safety is key.

The buddy system is not just for kids. Having another person decreases chances of harm on your trip! When you want to go out and experience nightlife, it can be dangerous to venture out alone. When you need to go to the bathroom at a bar, a friend will be there to guard your drink. Another pair of eyes, ears, and wits make your travels more relaxed and safe.

Expenses are split.

Even if expenses are not your first concern when it comes to traveling, it’s nice to have to spend less. Your travel partner will cut your expenses in half without cutting out the experiences, luxury, and accommodations you desire!

Having another face in your scrapbook.

Having a friend with you makes eating, dancing, and drinking more fun. Together you can discuss your opinion of the little Parisian bistro you just ate at or marvel at the gorgeous views in Machu Picchu. You have someone to take photos with and laugh with. Overall, a win-win!

How much does a polar bear weigh? Just enough to break the ice.

A large part of a travel experience is meeting different people. For many travelers, a must-do on their travels meet the local people and learn of the culture. This is much easier to do when you have someone to help spark conversation.

You will NOT feel lonely.

Traveling requires a lot of time on planes, trains, and automobiles. Instead of Β spending your 11 hour plane ride to your destination listening to music and watching movies on repeat, you have someone there to entertain you.